Radio clocks for personal computer

QUANCOM CLOCK77 radio clocks make it possible to use atom-exact time on your PC at home or at work.You do not have to change manually from winter to summer time. The complications that arise from discrepancy to the PC clock are finally a thing of the past.

    Data of the clock
bus type usage precision
CLOCK77/USBUSB DCF-77 1500km around Darmstadt
Accuracy +/-50ms comparative to time signal
Large covered area: Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Swiss, Italy, Poland, Sweden, England, Denmark, Norway
Background Service for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Server 2k-2008 R2 (server and workstation)
No licence charges for clients and free updates via download  More info...


With the radio clock receiver that is connected to the PC card, the time measure of Mainflingen is received on long wave 77 kHz and transmitted to the software. The time is actualised every minute. A DOS background program (for DOS and Windows 3.1x) is supplied as well as drivers for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.x.


The CLOCK77 can be used in networks to make uniform the times of all PC clocks, but as well in a stand-alone home PC if the user does not want to bother with the system time.


Atom-exact time:
in this case indicates a difference of one second in 300 000 years.