TTL-I/O cards switch external circuits from the PC or can record switching processes.

Bus Number of TTLs Type Module Additional Information
PCI-EXP-TTL128PCI-EXPRESS 128 I/O 74LS245 mehr als 28 MByte/sec. ( wird noch ermittelt )
128 Kanal TTL-Karte für den PCI-Express Bus
Memory Interface
Fast Realtime Interface mit einer Datenrate von mehr als 28MB/s von einer C/C++ Windows Applikation
Einfache Anschlussmöglichkeit mittels PAR-KL-68 Kabel Klemmen
CD-Rom mit Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Server 2k-2008 R2 Treiber
Beispiele für Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual-C, C/C++, HPVee, Labview u.a.  More info...


TTL conductions work bidirectional, can be used as input and output and can record data or control external devices. The inputs and outputs of the cards are controlled by software.


TTL cards are used to switch digital circuits or to record switching processes.


Digital input/output that are characterized by predefined voltages for switching on and off. Therefore they may only be used for controlling a electronic circuit.

TTL Signal:
A binary signal, that defines '1' as 5V and '0' as 0V. Other voltages (except specified inaccuracies) are not allowed to be used.