Microprocessor-controlled customized circuits and controls

We develop new products for you.

Individual developments are our specialty!

You need a customized PC plug-in card? Are you looking for a problem solution for a particular control task / problem ? Are you looking for a circuit, that meets your particular requirements?

In this and other cases, we can offer you an equitable solution for the special development of a non-standard circuit that has been adapted to your needs to favorable conditions. Since we have a large pool of existing modules to fall back on, this does not neccessarily need to be expensive. In order to ensure an optimal relation between development costs, on one hand, and the price per unit on the other hand, we offer three different Methods of development. Depending on how many units are required and considering the cost viewpoint, the most economical development option will be chosen for you. It does not matter if you require a prototype, a small, medium or even a large amount of units.

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