Windows monitor program of the QUANCOM Clock77 (USB / PCI / ISA)

It is possible to control the received signal under Windows 2000 / XP through a monitor program. The monitoring program shows the quality of the received datas graphically and informs you about operations of your Clock77, i.e. setting the time.The CLock77 background program starts in the background. You will identify it because of the signal in thetask bar.
Symbol of the Clock77 service in your task bar:

The menu:With a right click on the symbol you open the following menu.

The signal monitor:If you started the monitor program you can track the signal routing.

Green lines are a sign for a good connection, red lines mean bad connection.

The characteristical window:You will also find the following characteristical window in the menu.

In the lower area you will find a report about the received datas. Here is journalised if time datas are received, if the time is set or if received datas are deleted because of errors.
Under "Final set time" you can find the time which has been used at last to correct your system time. This only happens if several matching signals are received which deviate from your own system time.
Under "Final received time:" you can find the final received time.