Connection to a Motherboard

  Connection to a Motherboard with reset switch
  Connection to a Motherboard without reset switch

Connection to a motherboard with reset button

In the following image you can see how a PCIWDOG3 is installed in a PC with a reset button. Instead of PCIWDOG3 you can also use PWDOG1, PWDOG2N, USBWDOG2 oder USBWDOG3.

Through the connection of the watchdog card with the reset pins on the motherboard our card is able to restart the PC in case of any errors.

Optionally you have the chance to connect your reset button with our card so that the function of the reset button stays the same.

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Connection to a motherboard without reset button

In the following image you can see a PCIWDOG3 installed in a PC without reset button. Instead of the PCIWDOG3 you can also us a PWDOG2N.

WDOG-ATX-KAB1 is able to restart your PC despite the missing reset pin.

The istallation of the cabel is very easy.

The PCIWDOG3 is even able to start an switched off PC because of the usage of our WDOG-ATX-KAB2.

As a matter of course all of our ATX (20 PIN) products are also available as BTX (24 PIN) products.+
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